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Social Media Holidays: September

Build out your September content calendar with these Social Media Holidays!

As the sun-soaked days of summer blend into the warm hues of autumn, we find ourselves immersed in an assortment of meaningful observances. 🍂✨From celebrating Hispanic Heritage and remembering 9/11, to advocating for mental health and savoring chocolates, its tapestry is rich. 🌍🎗️ Let's unite on International Day of Peace, honor heroes on Patriot Day, and uplift voices on Black Women's Equal Pay Day. September promises to be both reflective and inspiring. Join us on this journey of discovery and advocacy as we explore the meaningful observances that shape the month of September.

Month of September Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), Disaster Preparedness Month, National Suicide Prevention

September 1st – College Colors Day, National Food Bank Day, National Lazy Mom’s Day #NationalLazyMomsDay

September 2nd – International Bacon Day, National Tailgating Day

September 3rd – National Pet Rock Day

September 4th – Labor Day #LaborDay, National Wildlife Day #NationalWildlifeDay

September 5th – International Day of Charity #CharityDay

September 6th – Read a Book Day #ReadABookDay

September 7th – Buy a Book Day, National Beer Lovers Day

September 8th – Stand Up To Cancer Day #KissCancerGoodbye, International Literacy Day #LiteracyDay

September 9th – International Sudoku Day

September 10th – National Grandparents Day #NationalGrandparentsDay

September 11th – National Day of Service and Remembrance #PatriotDay (9/11)

September 12th – National Video Games Day #NationalVideoGamesDay, National Day of Encouragement #DayOfEncouragement

September 13th – International Chocolate Day, National Peanut Day

September 14th – National Coloring Day

September 15th – First day of Hispanic Heritage Month, World Engineers Day

September 16th – Batman Day, National Cleanup Day, National Dance Day

September 17th – Constitution Day, National Pet Bird Day, National Wife Appreciation Day

September 18th – International Equal Pay Day

September 19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day #TalkLikeAPirateDay

September 21st – World Alzheimer’s Day, International Day of Peace #PeaceDay, National Black Women's Equal Pay Day

September 22nd – Hobbit Day #HobbitDay, Car-Free Day #CarFreeDay

September 23rd – First Day of Fall #FirstDayOfFall

September 24th – National Horchata Day, National Punctuation Day, World Deaf Day

September 25th – Binge Day, National Comic Book Day, National Daughters Day,

September 26th – National Pancake Day #NationalPancakeDay

September 27th – World Tourism Day #WorldTourismDay, National Women’s Health and Fitness Day #FitnessDay

September 28th – National Good Neighbor Day #GoodNeighborDay

September 29th – National Coffee Day, National Starbucks Day

September 30th – International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay

Although these are just a few ideas, there are many more ways brands, businesses, and organizations can join in on the conversation of these Social Media Holidays.

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