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Social Media Holidays: October

Build out your October content calendar with these Social Media Holidays!

As the crisp breeze of autumn sweeps across the landscape, October ushers in a season of vibrant change and celebrated traditions. 🍂🎃As the leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold, we also celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day, a poignant reminder of the rich cultures and resilience of the indigenous communities who have shaped our nation. 🏞️🌾And what would October be without the spine-tingling excitement of Halloween? This holiday of ghouls and goblins invites us to unleash our creativity, don costumes, and indulge in sweet treats, transforming our neighborhoods into enchanted realms of fantasy. 🎃👻🍬So, as the leaves crunch beneath our feet and the aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air, let us embrace this month of October, a time of gratitude, remembrance, and enchantment. 🍂🍁✨

Month of October – Breast cancer Awareness Month, ADHD Awareness Month, National Book Month, Depression Awareness Month, National Pet Wellness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month Cont.

Awareness Weeks

World Space Week - October 4th - 10th

United Nations Week - October 18th- 24th

October 1st - National Homemade Cookies Day, National Change a Light Day, International Coffee Day

October 2nd - National Name Your Car Day, National Child Health Day, National Consignment Day

October 3rd - Mean Girls Day, National Boyfriend Day, National Family TV Show Day

October 4th - ​National Cinnamon Roll Day, National Taco Day, National Vodka Day, National Golf Lovers Day

October 5th - National Do Something Nice Day, National Poetry Day, World Teachers' Day

October 6th - National Noodle Day

October 7th - National Frappe Day, National LED Light Day, National Inner Beauty Day, National Forgiveness & Happiness Day

October 8th - National Hero Day, World Dyslexia Day

October 9th - Indigenous People’s Day, international beer and pizza day, Curious Events Day

October 10th - National Cake Decorating Day, World Mental Health Day, World Homeless Day

October 11th - National Coming Out Day, National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day, National Fossil Day

October 12th - World Sight Day, National Savings day, National farmers day

October 13th - National No Bra Day, World Egg Day, International Day for Disaster Reduction, National M&M Day

October 14th - National Dessert Day, Universal Music Day, National Chess Day, I Love Yarn Day

October 15th - International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, National Mushroom Day

October 16th - World Food Day, Global Cat Day, Dictionary Day, National Boss’ Day

October 17th - National Pasta Day, Wear something Gaudy Day, Black Poetry Day,

October 18th - National Chocolate Cupcake Day, National No Beard Day, World Menopause Day

October 19th - International ShakeOut Day, National New Friends Day, Evaluate Your Life Day, LGBT Center Awareness Day

October 20th -International Chef Day, Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder

October 21st - Back to the Future Day, International Day of the Nacho, National Apple Day

October 22nd - National Color Day, National Nut Day

October 23rd - National Talk Show Host Day, National Croc Day

October 24th - United Nations Day

October 25th - World Pasta Day, National Greasy Foods Day

October 26th - National Pumpkin Day, National Day of the Deployed

October 27th - National American Beer Day, ​National Mentoring Day

October 28th - ​National First Responders Day, National Immigrants Day

October 29th - National Cat Day #NationalCatDay

October 30th - National Candy Corn Day, National Text Your Ex Day

October 31st - Halloween, National Caramel Apple Day

Although these are just a few ideas, there are many more ways brands, businesses, and organizations can join in on the conversation of these Social Media Holidays.

For more resources and tips, subscribe to our blog to get a new list of Social Media Holidays each month!

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