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Social Media Holidays: May

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Build out your May content calendar with these Social Media Holidays!

May offers numerous social media holidays that businesses can leverage to engage with their audience through entertaining and captivating content. Whether it's highlighting your florist shop on Tulip Day or extending exclusive discounts on Cinco de Mayo, there are ample opportunities to make the most of this month. Check out the list below for a rundown of social media holidays and content concepts for each day of May. 

Month of May - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, National Bike Month 

May 1st - Global Love Day

  • Promote goods and services that people can buy for someone to show their love! 

May 2nd - Children’s Book Week

  • Perfect marketing for book stores!

May 3rd - Sun Day

  • An opportunity for businesses that offer outdoor activity services to promote themselves! 

May 4th - National Orange Juice Day, May the 4th Be With You

  • Breakfast/Brunch places can offer a free OJ with the purchase of a meal

  • An opportunity to engage with Star Wars related memes, create special fees or items related to Star Wars. Use #MayThe4thBeWithYou.

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo

  • Mexican restaurants and bars can offer special deals. 

May 6th - National Scrapbooking Day 

  • Arts & crafts stores or camera stores can promote themselves. 

May 7th - National Pet Week

  • Pet stores can promote their products and pet-friendly restaurants spaces can promote bringing people’s pets to their businesses! 

May 8th - National Give Someone a Cupcake Day

  • Bakeries and dessert shops can promote their cupcakes and offer deals. 

May 8th through the 12th - Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Create giveaways and discounts for teachers. Shops can also promote curated gifts/gift cards for teachers.

May 9th - National Lost Sock Memorial Day

  • If your business sells socks, you can make a fun post about buying new socks. 

May 10th - National Small Business Day 

  • Perfect way to promote any small business. 

May 11th - National Eat What You Want Day 

  • Restaurants, bakeries, etc. can promote their food as a way for people to treat themselves and eat what they want. 

May 12th - National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  • Places that offer veteran discounts can promote their places for veterans to visit. 

May 13th - Tulip Day

  • Flower shops can promote deals on their Tulips. 

May 14th - Mother’s Day 

  • Any businesses can promote the deals they have on their products and services. 

May 15th - National Vegetarian Week

  • Restaurants and bakeries can promote their vegetarian products. 

May 16th - Waiter’s Day 

  • Restaurants can post appreciation content for their staff. 

May 17th - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia 

  • LGBT owned businesses can promote themselves. Businesses that provide safe spaces for the LGBT community can also post in support. 

May 18th - International Museum Day 

  • Museums can promote themselves and offer discounts on admission prices. 

May 19th - National Pizza Party Day

  • Pizza restaurants can offer deals on large orders. 

May 20th - National Rescue Dogs Day

  • Opportunity for shelters to promote themselves and post about dogs looking for homes. 

May 21st - International Tea Day

  • Tea and coffee shops can promote their businesses and products. 

May 22nd - Sherlock Holmes Day 

  • Opportunity for escape room businesses to promote themselves. 

May 23rd - National Taffy Day 

  • Candy shops can offer deals on their Taffy. 

May 24th - National Caterers Appreciation Day 

  • Restaurants that offer catering can promote their catering services. 

May 25th - National Wine Day 

  • Restaurants can offer deals on their wine. 

May 26th - National Title Track Day 

  • Record and music stores can promote their albums. 

May 27th - National Children’s Gardening Week 

  • Gardening and flower shops can promote their products and services as a way to get children into gardening! 

May 28th - National Hamburger Day 

  • Hamburger restaurants can offer deals on this day. 

May 29th - Memorial Day 

  • Businesses who offer veterans discounts or Memorial Day deals can promote themselves. 

May 30th - National Creativity Day

  • Businesses that offer services or products that give people an outlet to be creative can promote themselves (craft stores, painting, recreational classes, etc.) 

May 31st - National Smile Day

  • Businesses can create posts about their services and products bringing smiles to their customers!


Although these are just a few ideas, there are many more ways brands, businesses, and organizations can join in on the conversation of these Social Media Holidays.

For more resources and tips, subscribe to our blog to get a new list of Social Media Holidays each month!

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