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Social Media Holidays: March

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Build out your March content calendar with these Social Media Holidays!

Social media holidays provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience by creating fun and engaging content! From promoting your pie and pizza business on National Pi Day to offering a BOGO deal at your ice cream shop on Free Cone Day, there are plenty of holidays this March alone that your business can capitalize on! Here is a list of social media holidays and content ideas for every day of March:

March all month - Women's History Month

  • Highlight women-owned businesses.

  • Organizations can create spotlight posts around women in leadership roles.

  • Create content about women's achievements that can be connected to your brand.

March 1st - World Music Therapy Day

  • CD and record stores can promote their shops.

  • Restaurants can have live music to promote their place as the perfect musical atmosphere.

March 2nd - National Read Across America Day

  • Bookstores, libraries, and places like coffee shops that provide spaces for people to sit down and read can promote their space.

March 3rd - National Day of Unplugging

  • Shops can promote a day of self-care (spas), being active (yoga, pilates, etc.), and other fun activities with friends and family (painting, happy hour, etc.).

March 4th - National Snack Day

  • Convenience stores, candy shops, restaurants offering appetizers, wine shops with charcuterie boards, and other finger foods.

March 6th - National Oreo Cookie Day

  • Ice cream shops and bakeries can promote their Oreo products.

March 7th - Plant Power Day

  • An opportunity for vegan/vegetarian restaurants to highlight their popular menu items.

  • Restaurants that offer vegan/vegetarian options can also highlight those dishes.

March 8th - International Women’s Day

  • Highlight women-owned businesses.

  • Organizations can create spotlight posts around women in leadership roles.

  • Create content about women's achievements that can be connected to your brand.

March 9th - National Crab Meat Day and Meatball Day

  • Seafood and Italian restaurants can promote dishes with these items.

  • Use memes or trending sounds using Mr. Krabs from Spongebob to create content

March 10th - Mario Day

  • Bakeries or restaurants can serve up Mario-themed food (macarons, cupcakes, rice balls, etc.)

  • Stores can highlight Mario toys, clothing or other items.

  • Locations can give discounts to folks who show up dressed as Mario.

  • Use trending sounds using famous Mario sounds on short form videos to create content.

March 11th - National Promposal Day

  • Flower shops, candy stores, etc. can promote their shops items and tie it back to promposal date ideas.

  • Craft stores can promote items to make the perfect promposal sign.

March 12th - National Plant a Flower Day

  • Plant and flower shops can share items or promote sales for the day.

  • Hardware shops can share information content on tools and items needed to plant flowers or plants.

March 13th - National Good Samaritan Day, National Jewel Day

  • Encourage a Buy someone a food item, a nice card, etc., and jewelry shops.

March 14th - National Pi Day!

  • Perfect opportunity for pie shops and bakery shops to promote their items.

March 15th - National Peanut Lover’s Day

  • Bakeries and restaurants can promote their peanut-based items.

March 16th - National Curl Crush Day

  • Salons can show off their clients beautiful curls, tips on taking care of natural curly hair, and empower folks to love their curls/natural hair.

March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day

  • Pubs and bars can promote their themed drinks.

  • Bakeries can share their green baked goods.

March 18th - Global Recycling Day

  • Businesses can highlight their environmentally friendly practices, recyclable products, and recycling efforts.

March 19th - National Chocolate Caramel Day

  • Pastry, bakery, chocolate and ice cream shops can promote their chocolate caramel products.

March 20th - International Day of Happiness

  • Share activities that will make folks happy such as painting, yoga, exercise all of which releases happy chemicals in your body

  • Promote feel good food items like ice cream and candy

  • Encourage folks to make someone happy and buy them flowers, jewelry, etc.

March 21st - Astrology Day, Spiritual shops, Free Cone Day, National Healthy Eats Day

  • Astrology Day: Spiritual and gift shops can highlight astrology related items or simply share facts about astrology

  • Free Cone Day: Have a promotion for free snow cones (Free kids cone with adult purchase)

  • National Healthy Eats Day: Restaurants can highlight their healthy food options

March 22nd - National Goof Off Day

  • Let out your inner child! Promote activities such as painting, laser tag, golf, bowling, etc.

March 23rd - Chips and Dip Day, National Tamale Day

  • Mexican restaurants can share these food items and create specials

March 24th - National Cocktail Day

  • Bars and restaurants can share their Happy Hours, best selling cocktails and create specials

March 25th - International Waffle Day

  • Breakfast and brunch restaurants can share their waffle plates.

  • Ice cream shops can promote their waffle cones.

March 26th - Solitude Day

  • Promote self care and reflection and suggest folks treat themselves to food, spa, or a drinks

March 27th - World Theatre Day

  • Celebrate the arts for example theaters and or museums with live performances

March 28th - National Something on a Stick Day

  • Businesses that sell popsicles, elote, corn dog, cake pops, etc. can promote these items and create specials

March 29th - World Piano Day, National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

  • Spotlight Mom and Pop Business Owners

  • Music shops, record and cd stores can create content that connect with a piano

  • Restaurants can partner with painists and host live music

March 30th - National Fitness Recovery Day

  • Organizations can share wellness content

  • Businesses can promote their tips for recovery (Yoga, fitness products that promote recovery)

  • Restaurants can promote their recovery style foods or dishes that are packed with proetins

March 31 - Transgender Day of Visibility

  • Recognize Trans/LGBTQ community events and people

Although these are just a few ideas there are many more ways brands, businesses and organizations can join in on the conversation of these Social Media Holidays.

For more resources and tips subscribe to our blog to get a new list of Social Media Holidays each month!

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